Blog development

I have spent the afternoon exploring various options, regarding development of this blog. I would like to incorporate on-screen replay of games and positions, but this is not technically possible within the hosted WordPress environment (neither FTP nor embedding of Javascript are allowed). Thanks to a tip from John Saunders, I have discovered that Blogger is less restrictive, and so I have been looking into the possibilities there. If I can find a satisfactory way of providing on-screen replay facilities there, then I may move to a Blogger platform. So far, I have identified two utilities that allow it to be done (Chessbase 11 and pgn4web), but I am not 100% satisfied with either, so I am not yet prepared to make the switch.

The other option would be a self-hosted blog, but that involves more hassle and is something I would prefer to avoid. So, for the time being, we will have to manage without on-screen replays, but research continues. I am consulting my IT adviser:

“Termites at 356, mark 4, Captain! Photon torpedoes locked on and ready to fire.” (photo:

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