Termitewatch (14)

Is Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard, the Censor in Chief of the Egregious Chess Forum, running out of patience with his termitic brethren? Not content with handing out individual bans like confetti, to anyone who questions his unlimited authority, he has now posted a note under the Rules and Registration thread, headed “Account Deletion”, which states:

I reserve the right to delete any members (sic) account, without giving any reason as to why (sic)

This Kafka-esque pronouncement is not accompanied by any attempt at justifying such peremptory action. Still more amusingly, despite Old Mother’s frequent fulminations at the author of this blog, for refusing to allow comments,  the thread in question has been locked, thus preventing other termites from commenting!

Could it be that Old Mother is reaching his wits’ end (admittedly, not a lengthy journey in his case) with his brethren?  Perhaps he needs some assistants, to enforce his divine will?

“Exterminate! Exterminate!”  (photo: daleklinks.co.uk)

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