Record breakers

I am delighted to report that yesterday’s blog visitors shattered the previous one-day record, by almost 20%! My grateful thanks go to Ernie “Good Moaning” Lazenby, whose fulminations on the Egregious Chess Forum brought his termitic brethren running over here in such vast numbers. Having said that, I am a little doubtful whether Ernie really deserves the credit. The three posts which appeared under his name yesterday did not contain  a really major spelling error between them, surely persuasive evidence that his account has been hacked?

“If you want to be a record-breaking termite teaser, dedication’s what you need!” (photo:

The fuss was all over my blog post Termitewatch 13. Tempers seemed to get a little frayed. I was especially amused to see a dignified and intellectual contribution to the discussion by the forum’s chief censor, Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard, who, late yesterday evening, presumably with a glass or three of good cheer inside him,  responded to one of Ernie’s posts with the single word “Tosser”.  A tad harsh, you might think? Or was the epithet referring to me? I would invite you to visit the forum and judge for yourself, but curiously, Old Mother’s outburst has disappeared from the thread overnight – don’t tell me he had a sudden burst of self-moderation?

All in all, a red letter day. But I have a small request to the termitoidae: can you make just a fraction more effort next time? Another 37 visitors would push the daily record over a significant threshold. In the words of one of their number:

Try harder.

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