Termitewatch (12)

With the London Candidates still little more than a glint in Kirsan’s eye, the ever-ambitious “Odious” Adam Raoof is already circling round, on the sniff for a chance of self-advancement. The Man Who Would Be CEO has piped up on the Egregious Chess Forum, saying “I hope that we can offer the organisers some assistance in getting the most out of the event”. I wonder if this is the royal “we”, or an offer on behalf of the Egregious Federation? If the latter, I am sure that the American /Russian organisers will be desperate to enlist the help of a federation, which has such a glorious track record of running major chess events. It would be the equivalent of recruiting the architect of the Tay Bridge as an adviser on a civil engineering project.

Or perhaps Odious Adam has been taking elocution lessons from Edward Winter, and his use of the pronoun “we” is an offer of his own personal services? In that case, I just hope the organisers do their due ¬†diligence first. My spies tell me that speaking to those in charge of the London Classic might prove quite enlightening, for a start…

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