Termitewatch (11)

Oh dear. Methinks I doth get under the skin of Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard, the Egregious Forum’s chief censor. He has now reacted to my last blog post by describing me, on the forum itself, as “a short arse mouthpiece”! This, I would remind you, is the man who routinely scolds his fellow termites for anything he regards as tending towards personal abuse. One member recently had his account suspended merely for describing another member as “a prig” (perhaps Old Mother thought it was one of Ernie’s spelling mistakes…?).

“I won’t tolerate personal abuse on this forum, unless it’s directed against that short arse mouthpiece … (photo: webpages.scu.edu

Meanwhile, just as predicted on this blog a week or two ago, “Old Mother” has now moved in to shut down further discussion of Alex McFarlane’s resignation. He is nothing if not predictable…



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