Termitewatch (10)

The Egregious Forum’s chief censor, Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard continues to distinguish himself. Shortly after my blog post “Labour of Hercules?” appeared yesterday, Old Mother had strong words to say, about whomever had leaked the details of the CJ invoicing arrangements to me:

The culprit for this must be sacked before this general mud slinging gets even worse if that is possible

Rather a strange attitude, one might think, for the chief censor of a forum, that spends much of its time complaining about the lack of openness from the Egregious Chess Federation, but there you are…

However, by 11.00 pm the same night, our Carl had clearly undergone a conversion of Damascene proportions. When Alex McFarlane wrote “I think it is safe to say that if I had been able to make things public, I would have done it here first”, Old Mother weighed in with a “publish and be damned” rallying cry, that would have done credit to Julian Assange:

Is (sic) is perhaps time to let everything be known as the ECF seem to be remaining quiet?

Naturally, I welcome Old Mother, even if a tad belatedly, to the ranks of us fearless believers in free expression. Of course, a less generous man than myself might entertain the unworthy thought that Old Mother’s attitude to leaks is conditioned by an element of double standards; he deplores leaks that come to myself, but welcomes them when he or his cronies are the beneficiaries.

But, as I say, the thought is unworthy. Get thee behind me, Satan!

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