When termites attack (2)

Followers of the Bedlam Brigade blog will have seen that they have elicited Twitter comments from Ray Keene, endorsing my account of the 2011 British Championship sponsorship story, in my blog post “The Elephant in the Room”.  Amazingly, though, this morning I have been attacked on Skype, by someone I thought was a friend. He first claimed that Ray’s tweets mean the opposite of what they say, and that they contradict my account, and suggest that Ray and I disagree over the issue. He then went on to draw the breathtaking conclusion that “you are using chess to feed your desire to watch people argue about things they haven’t got full information about. You are bringing chess into disrepute”, and that “you should be ashamed of yourself”.

I am full of admiration, for what must surely be the finest leap of logic, since Al Murray proved that the war in Afghanistan was being fought for the benefit of meerkats!

“C J de Mooi? Beautiful British name!” (photo: commedycv.co.uk)

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