Termitewatch (8)

No sooner does Alex McFarlane use the Egregious Chess Forum to publish his latest grievance against the Dear Leader and his cronies, than their clandestine supporter and Censor-in-Chief of the said forum, Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard, wades in to stifle the debate. So far, nothing remotely libellous, offensive or abusive has been said in the thread in question, but Old Mother has already issued two warnings. First, when Alex responds to the Board’s statement – having been denied a right of reply on the ECF website – Old Mother steps in with:

Some of the points and allegations raised in the post go well beyond matters that perhaps this forum should get involved with. I have asked Alex to reconsider his post in light of this.

Undeterred, Alex and others continue to discuss the highly important issues raised by the latest twists in this sordid affair, whereupon Old Mother rattles her sabre once more:

To be honest I am really not sure what can be gained by this now very one sided debate?

“What do you people think this forum is for – open debate and expression of views??” (Photo: trackbuzzer.com)

The politburo at Battle must be delighted to see their unacknowledged henchman doing such a sterling job, in helping to keep the lid on the can of worms that is the 2011 British Championship and its aftermath. Curiously, one of the denizens of the forum predicted exactly such a turn of events, writing early on in the thread, that

No doubt the usual information blackout guys will be along soon to try to get this thread locked.

Alex McFarlane confidently replied:

I doubt that Carl will allow this thread to be locked

I wonder if Alex is still feeling so confident about this?

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