A taxi-driver writes

Grievously stung by criticism over our failure to allow third party comments here on the blog, we have decided to invite a well-known Liverpool taxi-driver to comment on an issue of topical importance. This week, Dave “The Prof” Robertson (cab no. 859245) writes about the Egregious Chess Forum:

“Did you see that stuff goin’ on over at the Forum, guv? Bleedin’ disgrace, if you ask me. I mean, fancy bannin’ a bloke, just for sayin’ that women ‘ave got more commonsense than men!  Stands to reason, dunnit? They’re just a bunch o’ friggin’ prigs, if you ask me, mate.

You know what I’d do wiv’ them moderators? String ’em up, that’s what! That’s the only language these people understand.

I ‘ad that Judge Jeffries in the back o’ the cab once. Now ‘e talked a lot o’ sense, y’know….”


 “You moderating me?” (photo: idioland.com)

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