Termitewatch (4) – “Trouble at t’mill”

Oh, dear, oh dear. The termites really are in a funk, aren’t they? In the past 24 hours, one of their number has been banned for suggesting that the upper echelons of the ECF could do with more female commonsense. That was deemed “sexist” by one of the Assistant Censors, and the poster sent to Coventry for a week! And now Martin Regan, a former ECF Managing Director, has been driven to request that his posts all be deleted and his account cancelled, after he said something the “moderators” disliked. Although I did not always agree with Regan when he was attempting to run the ECF, at least he is a businessman, with a successful track record, and one recent contribution on the subject of the PCC report was by far the most sensible thing to appear on the subject, over at the termite colony (OK, that’s not saying much, I know, but it was actually a very sensible comment).

I have some advice for “Old Mother” Hibbard and his fellow Inquisitionists. This is the problem you get, when you allow all manner of morons to express their views. You end up feeling the need to censor them, whilst at the same time still trying to pretend to the world that you are allowing free speech. You are not. If you censor views that you deem “offensive”, for whatever reason, then you are not allowing free speech. Speech is either free or it is not. As my hero Lou Mannerheim in Wall Street says, “You can’t get a little bit pregnant”.

“Of course, if Torquemada had consulted me earlier, the Inquisition would have been organised much more effectively.” 

Despite all the hostility that “Old Mother” shows towards me, I am a magnanimous chap, and am still prepared to offer him the benefit of my wisdom and experience. Here is what you should do, old chap:  follow the splendid example set by the present blog, and close off the comment facility on the Egregious Chess Forum, once and for all. Then you will have no more problems.

Of course, you will also no longer have an Egregious Chess Forum.

Don’t let’s all cheer at once…


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