[A new, occasional series, highlighting particular gems from the Egregious Chess Forum]


As one might expect, there has been anguished debate at the termite colony, concerning the latest disgraceful ECF behaviour. Actually, the great majority of the termitoidae have on this occasion come down on the side of right. But woe betide those who make non-insulting references to this blog – they risk incurring the wrath of their Censor-in-Chief, Carl “Old Mother” Hibbard. Yesterday, one of their number quoted from my blog entry, The Final Stab in the Back. Actually, he was quoting not my words, but Alex McFarlane’s e-mail, as reproduced by me. Nonetheless, this brought a stern rebuke from Old Mother:

“We should perhaps be ignoring the “no comments” numpty at this point? “

And who was it who, fewer than 12 hours earlier, had first linked on the Egregious Forum to my blog entry? Step forward, Carl “Do as I say, not as I do” Hibbard!


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