The Final Stab in the Back – a Postscript

Hilarious developments regarding the above. Andrew Farthing, the “Managing Director” of the Egregious Chess Federation (as if that ridiculous body is actually “managed” or “directed” in any normal sense of the terms!) , now denies that Alex has been sacked. He insists the Board have merely postponed a decision on whether to re-appoint him! Postponed sine die, perhaps?

I am forcibly reminded of a dialogue from Yes Minister, concerning what to do if an independent report does not recommend the course of action on which the Civil Service are determined:

Sir Humphrey: Well, Minister, if the report is unfavourable, we simply don’t publish it.

Hacker: You mean we suppress it?

Sir Humphrey: Not at all, Minister. We simply don’t publish it.

Hacker: What’s the difference?

Sir Humphrey: Oh, there’s all the difference in the world, Minister. Suppression is the instrument of totalitarian dictatorship. We don’t talk about that sort of thing in a free country. We simply take a democratic decision not to publish it.

Substitute “re-appoint him” for “publish it” and what do you have?

 “We will re-appoint him in due course. In the fullness of time. At the appropriate juncture. When the moment is ripe. When the necessary procedures have been completed…” (Photo:

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