Viktor Korchnoi’s name is rarely used without being prefaced by the adjective “indefatigable”. Despite turning 80 earlier this year, he is still active as a player, and has lost none of his legendary prickliness and combativity, either on the board or away from it. The Russian site Chess News reports a characteristic story from the European Team Championships, currently taking place in Greece, where Korchnoi is playing on board two for Switzerland.

In round four, he reached the above position, as Black, against the Welsh player Tim Kett. White, who is to play, is obviously dead lost. Kett, however, sat staring at the position, for some time. Eventually, Viktor could contain himself no longer, and pointed out to his opponent that it was his move. Kett continued to ponder some more, and then resigned. Korchnoi’s reaction was “That is the correct move!”

VK at the ETCC – not as steady on his feet, but as fierce as ever! (Photo: Official ETCC website, provided by Anastasiya Karlovich, Tzveta Karavelova and Goran Urosevic.)

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