Funding British chess – a commonsense proposal

Followers of internal British chess politics will be aware that anguished discussions have been in progress for many months, over changing the basis of funding for British chess. Over the years, the Egregious Chess Federation has moved from a capitation basis to a Game Fee basis, and now plans a membership basis, albeit with Game Fee retained in some form as a financial baseball bat, with which to extract membership dues from those reluctant to cough up. The need to extract more hard-earned from the average British player has been exacerbated by the government’s recent decision to axe its paltry £60k per annum grant to the game.

The termites have wittered and wittered about the subject, to a degree unprecedented even for that narcissistic group. Yet despite their efforts, augmented by the participation of at least one university professor and a past Chief Executive of the ECF, nobody has suggested the obvious solution, one which could bring untold millions into British chess every year, without any contribution from the average club or league player.

Just charge Reuben Stewpot £1 every time he uses the perpendicular pronoun…

“Of course, if I had been consulted at the start, we could have arranged the Big Bang without producing all this unnecessary radiation”.

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