Moves we would all like to play (part 14)

Genrykh Kasparyan, Shakmaty v SSSR, 1934

White to play and win

It is clear that White is not winning on material, but he can exploit the awkward positions of the black pieces.

1. Bh3 Nh6+

 1… Nh2 2. Bc8 Nd8 3. Nf6+ Ke7 4.Nd5+ Ke8 5. Nd6# (see next diag)

is a sign of things to come!

2. Kg7 Nf7 3. Bc8 Nbd8

The other knight move 3…Nfd8 loses in the same way as the text.

4. Nf6+ Ke7 5.Nd5+ Ke8 6. Ncb6

Threatening 7.Bd7 mate.



Now White springs the trap.

7.Bd7+! Nxd7 8. Nc7+ Ke7 9. Nc8# 

A real picture-book final mate!

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