A day that will live in infamy…

No, not another Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, but the AGM of the Egregious Chess Federation, which took place today in London. Among the “highlights” of this were the following:

1.  CJ de Mooi was re-elected as President. This, I would remind you, is the same CJ de Mooi who, in the past three months, has attempted to hijack the prize-giving of the British Championship for his own political lobbying purposes and, after being prevented from doing so, spent the rest of the day briefing Fleet Street journalists about how “disgusting” it all was. As a result of his conduct, the following day’s papers were full of stories about alleged homophobia within British chess, whilst the arbiter who had questioned his hijack attempt faces totally unfounded, yet potentially career-threatening, allegations of homophobia herself. As if that were not enough, de Mooi has since publicly bragged about his intention to appear stark naked in a homosexual magazine.

2. Other Board members, including  Andrew Farthing (the Chief Executive) and Adam Raoof, the laughably-entitled Director of Home Chess (as if anybody could seriously believe that English chess is actually directed!) have also been re-elected. This is despite the fact that they have deliberately snubbed repeated requests from Alex McFarlane and the other organisers of this year’s British Championship, to express public support for those organisers, over the CJ T-shirtgate saga.

“Of course, if I had been consulted earlier, evolution would have been organised much more effectively…” (Photo: Chessbase)

3.  The meeting also approved a report by the Marketing Director, Stewart Reuben, in which the little man had the temerity to claim that the entire T-shirt saga would not have occurred, if he had been consulted initially. In approving this disgraceful document, the meeting publicly snubbed a request from Alex McFarlane, that they should reject it.

4. The meeting was presented with a set of accounts which were unaudited (for the second year in a row) and which are so obviously incomplete and full of mistakes that no serious discussion of the federation’s financial position could take place on the basis thereof – an outcome, which some might think was not unwelcome to the Board…

“That’ll be £18 mate, unless you want your friggin’ pawn structure broken…” (Photo: qtix.com.au)

Oh, and just to cap it all, the meeting also voted to establish a compulsory membership scheme. If they have their way, every one of you out there, who wishes to play competitive chess in this country, will henceforth be required to join, and contribute money to, this vile, discredited and morally bankrupt organisation!

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