Tee-shirtgate claims its first casualty…

…but, alas, it’s not one of the ones we would like it to be. The website of the Egregious Chess Federation has this afternoon published the following announcement:

“It is with considerable regret that we announce the resignation of David Welch as Joint Manager of the British Championships. Dave has made a tremendous contribution to the success of the Championships, for which the Federation and countless players owe him thanks, and his services will be greatly missed”.

This bland piece of prose is attributed jointly to Andrew Farthing, and Adam Raoof, who rejoice in the titles of the ECF’s  “Chief Executive” and “Director of Home Chess” respectively. It will be noted that the statement gives no reasons for this resignation of one of the ECF’s most long-standing officials. However, I am informed that David Welch has not only made his reasons very clear to the ECF Board, but also strongly urged the federation to announce those reasons publicly. They have evidently refused to do so. I wonder why?

It is now six whole days, almost to the hour, since Alex McFarlane appealed to all members of the ECF Management Board to express their public backing for himself and the rest of the Control Team at this year’s British Championship. Not a syllable of support has come from a single one of them; Messrs Farthing, Raoof et al continue to maintain their attitude of dumb insolence. Clearly, they do not know their Simon & Garfunkel:

Fools said I you do not know

Silence like a cancer grows

[ Listen to the whole song]

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