We’ll to the woods no more

We’ll to the Woods no more
The laurels all are cut,
The bowers are bare of bay
That once the Muses wore.
The year draws in the day
And soon will evening shut:
The laurels all are cut
We’ll to the woods no more.

With a heavy heart, I have just informed the organisers of the Hastings Congress that I will not be available this year for my traditional role of online reporter and game inputter. Readers of my piece “The True Cost of Volunteers” from a few weeks ago will understand the main reason.  Having said that, Hastings is the one event for which I would have been prepared to consider making an exception, since, unlike the Egregious Chess Federation for example, the Hastings organisers simply do not have any money to pay proper honoraria to the backroom staff. What finally made up my mind to say no was the continued involvement of one single diminutive individual, who contributes nothing positive to the event, spoils the atmosphere every year, and is universally hated by every other member of the organisational team, but to whose face nobody on the Congress Committee is prepared to  tell the truth. It is a great shame.

I shall miss Hastings dreadfully, and the Christmas / New Year period will not be the same.

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