Moves we would all like to play (part 6)

J Fritz. 1st Prize, Svobodnoe Slovo, 1961
White to play and win

White has to stop Black from queening, and there is only one way to do so. In the words of Edmund Blackadder, “Needs must, when the Devil vomits into your eiderdown!”

1.Bh1!! Rxh1 2.a8(Q) Rd1! Black is not done for yet. Now if 3.a7, h1(Q)+ 4. Qxh1, Rxh1+ followed by 5…Rh8, and he stops White’s last pawn. Therefore…

3.Qh1!!  Anything a man of the cloth can do, a queen can do better…

3…Rxh1 4.a7 and wins, since after 4…R moves 5.a8(Q)+, followed by 6.Qb8+, picking up the h-pawn and leaving a theoretically won ending.

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