Moves we would all like to play (part 4)

A Gurvich, Bakinsky Rabochi 1927 

White has an extra queen, but the black g-pawn is promoting. White starts off with 1.Ne4, with the idea of meeting 1…g1(Q)+ with 2.Nf2+, winning. Black parries this with 1…Nd3, taking control of f2. Now White uncorks 2.Qf2!!, threatening 3.Ng3+/mate. Black must accept the Greek Gift. 2…Nxf2. Then there follows 3.Ng3+ Kg1, reaching this position.

And now we play the delicious 4.Ng5!, and leave Black to realise the true meaning of that clumsy German word, containing all the z’s…..Whichever of his knights moves, will allow the white knight to mate on either h3 or f3!

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