Move of the month, or, moves we would all love to play

As mentioned before, chess composition is one of my great loves these days, and a good friend recently showed me a stunning move from an endgame study by Wotava, which deserves to be better known:

White to play and win.

In the immortal words of Mike Basman, “Turn off your tape and consider what you would play!”

The solution, the only winning move, is the stunning 1.Rh8!! Black has no choice but to capture 1…Rxh8, after which he is mated by 2.Rf1+ Kg8 3.h6! (else 3…h6 secures the BK a bolthole) gxh6 (3…b2 4. Ke7 also mates) 4.Ke7, and there is no defence to mate. Wonderful stuff! As my friend said, “Just imagine being able to bring that finish off in a game!”.

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