Hello world!

Welcome to my new chess blog. My previous effort was taken down in March 2011, for a number of reasons, most of them termite-related. It had been established in August 2010, just around the time I became Editor of the British Chess Magazine. At that point, the BCM had no website of its own, having mislaid its previous domain name (don’t ask, it’s a long story!), and my blog was intended mainly to give the magazine a web presence, until a proper new website could be established. By March this year, the new site was available, and in the meantime, I had myself become increasingly sick of the nonsense I was having to put up with from the army of internet trolls who plague us all. Finally, at the end of March, I resigned as BCM Editor (again, don’t ask – an even longer story…) and decided to carpe the diem and withdraw from the blogosphere.

However, many of my chess friends have been lobbying me ever since to return to the fold, and after much soul-searching and weighing of pros and cons, I have decided to do so, albeit in a slightly modified form. This blog will be updated regularly, although not to any specific timetable, with whatever I consider to be interesting in a chess context. This may include comment on chess news, interesting games and positions, and anything else that takes my fancy. Chess problems and endgame studies are a particular interest of mine these days, and will feature prominently. The other main focus will be book reviews. A huge number of chess books are published nowadays, and I will endeavour to give followers of this blog some guidance through the forest, and to help them spend their chess book money as wisely as possible.

The main change from the old blog is that the comment feature on blog posts will be permanently disabled. Allowing anybody to post comments, even with moderation, simply results in too much trouble. When I closed my old blog, I was getting 20-30 messages a day from would-be commentators, 90% of them anonymous and 95% abusive. People who know me, and who wish to pass comment on anything I write here, can do so, by contacting me by e-mail or via Facebook. People who do not know me will not be able to contact me. Sorry!


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